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The Four C's

Experts use 'The 4 Cs' to calculate the value of a diamond. The 4 Cs are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. See below to read more about the 4 Cs.



Clarity of a diamond

Clarity is a measure of imperfections, called 'inclusions', that occur naturally within a diamond. These inclusions occur in all diamonds unless the diamond is graded 'flawless'. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. Diamonds with the least/smallest inclusions are given a higher clarity grade than diamonds with more/larger inclusions. The inclusions are generally microscopic and often not visible without magnification.

If you select a diamond below 1.00ct in any clarity grade, SI2 or above, it will be 'eye-clean', meaning the inclusions are too small to see without using magnification. If you select a diamond that is 1.00ct or larger, an SI2 grading is unlikely to be eye-clean and therefore if you require an 'eye-clean' stone we recommend selecting SI1 or above.

The only stone shape that we do not ever recommend with an SI2 grading is an 'Emerald cut' stone. Emerald cut stones show inclusions more easily than all other shapes and so we recommend a grading of VS2 minimum if you choose this particular diamond shape.


Colour of a diamond

A diamond can divide light in to a spectrum of colours (like a prism). Colour in a diamond acts like a filter and diminishes the spectrum of colours emitted. The less colour in the diamond, the better the colour grade. Grades of colour range from D, which is totally colourless, to Z, which is a pale yellow or brown colour. Diamonds that are ‘colourless’ (graded D, E or F) are very rare and demand premium prices. The untrained eye will find it very difficult to distinguish between D, E or F grades. G, H, I and J are ‘near colourless’ and represent excellent value for money. G and H are sometimes called ‘rare white’ and are the most sought after in the ‘near colourless’ group. 
Diamond colours
What clarity grade is right for me?
  • If clarity is important to you but your budget doesn't allow for VVS1 or VVS2, you should consider VS1-VS2. Diamonds graded VS1 or VS2 appear flawless to the naked eye but are less expensive than VVS1/VVS2. 

  • Our most popular choice of clarity is SI1 or SI2, the reason for this is although these are two of the lower grades available, SI1 stones will be 'eye-clean' so you won't see any marks in the diamond. SI2 stones are not guaranteed to be 'eye clean' from 1.00ct+ but the inclusions are usually difficult to detect. Below 1.00ct our SI2 stones will be eye clean.   

  • If you value size over clarity, SI1/SI2 stones are your best option, however if you value clarity over size, you might choose a VS or VVS graded stone in a smaller carat weight. Example - a 0.60ct SI2 graded stone might be a similar price to a 0.50ct VS2 graded stone.