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Ring Sizes

What should I do if I don't know the ring size?


If you do have access to the ring finger or another ring...

If the recipient owns any other rings, see if you can find one and measure the internal diameter of the ring using a ruler or other measuring device.  Once you have the diameter use the ring size chart below to convert the millimetre size in to a UK ring size. Please be sure to measure only the inside diameter, NOT including the band/metal itself as this will give you a size far larger than you require. Measuring internal diameter needs to be pretty precise as a difference of a few tenths of a millimetre is equivalent to one whole size. 

Be aware that any ring you find to measure might be worn on a finger that is smaller or larger than the finger you intend them to wear it on.  If the ring you measure is worn on the middle finger, we recommend approx 2 sizes smaller for their ring finger.


Ring Size Chart


If you don’t have access to the ring finger or any other ring...

Getting the right ring size can be tricky if the ring is a surprise. Most people will have other rings they wear or have worn at some point, so try to find one that you can measure!  (See options above if you find one). 

If you really don't know the size and have no way of borrowing a ring of theirs, please select either Small, Average or Large.  As a guide, these sizes will be approx. size J/K for small, size M/N for average and size P/Q for large.  Once you have presented the ring, if it doesn't fit, all you have to do is send it back to us and we'll resize it to the correct size and send it back within 5 working days. There is a small charge for this service (£10).

The sizing process is usually very straight-forward and generally we can return the ring within 3-5 working days. Some items will take longer, or may have to be remade, if this is the case you will be notified as soon as we receive your ring back.

The quality of your ring will not be affected by re-sizing.

Please see our returns page for more details and please read our terms & conditions before returning items to us.