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Generally resizing takes 3-5 working days.

Please contact us on 02074050997 or email us at daitien_setting@hotmail.co.uk before you send it back to us for resizing. 

Please do not send in your valuation document/diamond certificate that you might have received with your ring, just the form and the ring itself with the box.

Please note that items that have been delivered to you and then sent back to be re-sized, will not subsequently be accepted for a refund.

Please see our terms & conditions before sending any items to us for resizing.


How long do I have to return my ring for resizing?

We will happily resize your ring for you at any time, whether it is within the first few weeks are your receive it, or many years down the line.


Where do I send my ring to?

Please return your item via Royal Mail Special Delivery to:

Dai Tien Ltd, Lower Ground Floor, 

Colonial Buildings, 59-61 Hatton Garden, 

London EC1N 8LS


How long does it usually take?

Resizing usually takes 3-5 working days, however, this will vary depending on the ring itself and how much work is required.


How much does resizing cost?

Resizing costs a flat rate of £20.00 per ring.

Please note this includes the cost of us posting the ring back to you via Special Delivery, but you need to cover the cost of sending the item to us.  Please use Royal Mail Special Delivery or a tracked/insured courier service.


How do I pay for the resize?

  • Cheque made payable to Divan Diamonds.
  • Make a bank transfer to account number 33643360, sort code 20-41-41, with your full name as the reference.
  • PayPal, you can send your payment to daitiendiamonds@gmail.com


Will my ring need to be re-engraved and does this cost extra?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to size a ring up or down without removing the engraving. Please request the engraving be done again when you contact us. There is no extra charge for re-engraving.


Does resizing alter/change the quality of the ring in any way?

Please be assured your ring will be returned to you exactly as you received it. There will be no visible markings or changes to it and the quality will not be affected. Resizing is a very common procedure and does not damage your ring. If you need your ring resized by a large amount up or down, we might need to remake the ring instead, but we won't charge you for this process. The cost will still be just £20 but it would mean a longer timescale for return of your ring (usually 2 weeks). Full eternity rings cannot usually be resized as the stones go all the way around the ring, so in this case we would remake the ring and this would take 2-3 weeks.


Will resizing the ring loosen the diamonds?

Diamonds can become loose during the sizing process, but all stones will be checked thoroughly before the item is sent back to you and of course tightend where necessary to ensure all stones are secure.


How is a ring made larger/smaller?

Increasing the size of a ring can be done in two ways. When a ring needs to be made just slightly larger, it can simply be stretched/rolled to the desired size. If need be, extra metal can also be added to the ring with fine jewellery workmanship to ensure no joins are visible. Decreasing the size of a ring requires cutting the band, re-shaping it and lasering or soldering it back together. It is then finished and polished in such a way that no indication of the sizing is visible.

We can assure you these are all very common procedures and every care is taken to ensure your ring is not affected by the re-sizing process.