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Metal Education


Choosing which metal to have your jewellery cast in can be a tough choice so here's a breakdown of the metals we offer to help you select which metal is most suitable.



Platinum Platinum

All our platinum is '950' Platinum, i.e 95% pure. It is made by mixing 95% platinum with 5% other alloy metals such as cobalt and ruthenium.  

Platinum is the finest precious metal used in jewellery making. The rarity of platinum means that its price is higher than gold. 

Platinum naturally has a brilliant white sheen and does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold to achieve its colour.

The purity level in platinum is much higher than gold (95% compared with 75%), making it hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin.

Platinum is very hardwearing and very dense, making it heavier than gold and more durable than other jewellery metals but it does scratch like all other precious metals.

Over time, platinum develops a natural patina however, a professional polish will restore the jewellery to its original highly polished condition easily.


white gold ring

18ct White Gold 18ct White Gold

18 carat white gold is 75% pure gold with 25% alloy metals including silver and palladium.

White gold is not a naturally occurring metal. 18 carat white gold is 75% pure gold mixed with 25% alloy metals including silver and palladium. The gold mixed with the alloys creates a metal that is light grey / yellowish in colour.  This 'white' gold metal is then plated in a metal called rhodium to make it appear whiter.

Rhodium is very similar to platinum and shares many of the same properties, including its colour. It’s a very white metal but it will wear away so you will need to have your white gold jewellery re-plated every so often. How often depends on the wear and tear of your ring so it's impossible to say, but we recommend once per year on average.

We offer a replating and repolishing service for £10 per ring.  As such, it might be worth considering platinum as an alternative to white gold, as platinum does not need to be re-plated, therefore platinum may actually be more cost-effective than having your white gold jewellery plated every year.


18ct Yellow Gold

18ct Yellow Gold 18ct Yellow Gold

18 carat yellow gold is 75% pure gold with 25% alloy metals including copper and zinc.

Unlike white gold, which needs to be rhodium plated to appear white, yellow gold does not require plating as it is naturally yellow. Yellow gold is hard wearing and will maintain its yellow colour, but it always looks best once it has been polished.


18ct Rose Gold

18ct Rose Gold 18ct Rose Gold

18 carat rose gold is typically about 4% silver with 75% gold and 21% copper to produce a rose/pinky color.

Rose gold has a pink hue and jewellery made from this metal is a bit different than the traditional white or yellow metals.