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Certified Diamonds

Our diamonds are almost always graded by either IGI or GIA.

All the certification companies we use are independent bodies that test, grade and certify your diamond through their specialist examination processes.

Your certification report is recognised proof of the 4 C’s of your diamond's: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight

A diamond certificate means that all elements of the diamond you have purchased have been examined and rigorously tested by an unbiased and professional examination to authenticate the diamond’s attribtes.

GIA Certification

IGI Certification

To receive a diamond report certificate at least one of the diamonds must weigh 0.25ct+ and be graded G colour or better.

Alternatively if you choose diamond colour grade H, then at least one diamond must weigh 0.30ct+.

If you purchase for example a 15 stone eternity ring where each stone is small, you will not receive a diamond certificate. This is standard across the industry, as diamonds of this size are never certified individually.

Diamond valuation document

Certified diamond document

All items that carry a certification report are flagged as such on the product page. If your diamond qualifies for a certificate, it will be included with your ring on delivery.